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  • The whale has R.O.W.


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    Today 09:01
  • I wouldn't call for violation of rrs 2 unless S has deliberately broken class rules or extends the prod to compel P to break rrs 10/14 (for example, by doing it close to P, so that she cannot continue keeping clear and avoiding her).
    In such case rule 69 should also be considered (see examples 5, 7, 8, 10 in case 138).

    If class rules or any other relevant documents don't require the prod to be retracted on the beat and S extends it so that P has room to keep clear, I wouldn't assume any rrs is broken in this case, since neither definition Keep Clear, nor rrs 10 says anything about equipment out of its normal position.
    Today 08:57
  • John Christman said:
    "does Green meet her obligations under RRS 20?

    Not for me !!

    "...Green has clearly not given to Yellow the room required to avoid in a semanlike way and therefore breaks RRS 20 "

    Today 01:52
  • Dusan, thank you for that input. The intent and applicationĀ  is to summarize and explain, not to implement a change to a rule.
    Yesterday 19:12
  • I would be glad (and, in my opinion, justified) to make that ruling, Alvaro.
    However, the Laser sailors would howl and I would never be invited to judge for them again.
    Sun 22:01
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