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  • I like this requirement for two reasons: First, it makes it necessary for competitors to decide if they want to protest based on the incident, rather than as a matter of gamesmanship, based on the scoring for the regatta; and second, where I live, sailing is a 12 month per year exercise, and this cuts down on the number of times that I drive to the yacht club (30 minutes each way,) only to discover that no protests have been filed.

    Fri 19:22
  • Back when this controversy was raging, I sent an email to Matt Hill asking if the liability insurance provided to US Sailing officials would cover this potential liability. I received an "I'll check" message from US Sailing (not from Matt,) but so far, have heard nothing. However, I did hear from a local judge who advised me that when she was deposed in a wrongful death suit about an investigation she participated in at the request if USSA, he/she had a real fight with the insurer about hls/her attorney fees for the deposition.
    Fri 03:15
  • Hi Sen,

    Below are links to the commercial autonomous mark vendors I was able to find:
    The costs are listed on their website.

    There are at two groups designing marks based on Open Source software called ardupilot

    I expect that this sector will become competitive in a few years.

  • … interesting, the MR SI wording doc you referenced also also gives Sportsmanship some refinement too. 

    18.3​ The following actions by skippers and/or crew while racing may be considered a breach of sportsmanship under RRS C8.3(c) and may result in an umpire initiated penalty under RRS C5.2 or C5.3:
    - Excessive attempts to verbally coerce, coach or influence umpire decisions;
    - Repetitive or on-going objection to an umpire decision (verbal or otherwise);
    -  Abuse of umpires before or after a decision 
    Wed 01:34
  • I diasagree with Arto. Once B accepts a penalty, she cannot be further penalized UNLESS 44.1(B) applies because there was serious damage or injury. In that case, I think B's acceptance of an arbitration penalty would be disallowed, and B would be DSQ for the race.
    21-Jun-10 00:34
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