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  • Ang, I understand that in the UK an alternative interpretation of that signal is 'I have an RYA Seamanship Examiner on board.
    Yesterday 22:31
  • Well, at least I have the answer to the question why World Sailing doesn’t throw out I and Z altogether if ‚no one‘ uses them :-)
    Yesterday 17:55
  • It is intended to upload images from your phone but you upload any type of image or PDF.
    Yesterday 15:22
  • The general role of official encompases the role of competitor.  The only difference is that an individual indicating they are an official have the additional attributes of an official associated with their user ID.  Any individual logged in can sign up as a competitor for an event, and they will only have access to the public portions of that event unless they are given a role on the Event Panel for that specific event.  So you don't need to change the way you're setting up events or assigning roles for an event.  Also, there are situations where an individual is both a competitor and an official for an event (a competitor and sits on the protest committee for example).  Again, nothing changes except that individual has access to the Event Panel as well as the public pages.  
    24-Jun-12 15:38
  • Gents,

    Thank you for your great comments and opinions. The initial situation I was envisioning was sailing races on another day for any reason but that was not identified in NoR or SI. The schedule in the Regata documents stated nothing about this situation and nothing was mentioned before the series started.

    I understand, that if we follow Appendix J, comply with RRS and be practical things must be defined beforehand.

    Another possible solution was to define a supplementary day in the NoR for sailing not-sail-races, but that is not practical. 

    I particularly liked the way John A frame it to find a solution.
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