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  •  If the facts are that "S chose to alter course to avoid P"  then I think that course alteration will be determined to have been an avoiding action.

    Today 21:13
  • Assuming 
    1.  wind is coming from top of page and
    2.  PC is run of the the mill club sailors (or worse: the authors of that SI)
    Smart course is Green’s (clearing the line) followed by a tack and re-crossing on port tack.
    [cynical face]
    Thu 20:59
  • Ok I see that. I don't like it but I see my error. 
    Thu 19:07
  • Great photos and great discussion all of which proves how carefully we need to look at phots and videos in the protest room..
    And also a belated Happy New Year from Lake Macquarie 100+  Km north of Sydney Aus

  • Hi Jim
    If a protest is lodged the PC must hear all protests RRS63.1
    Re your bottom line
    It all boils down to the Starboard boat clear astern being able to keep clear while sailing promptly in a seaman like way. If he can’t or has to get clear by unseamanlike manoeuvors then the port racket broke RRS 15. 
    Hope this helps 
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