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  • Tim Hohmann
    Cat, does the diagram intend to show Blue clear ahead of Green when Blue reached the zone..

    NO Tim, Green and Blue are overlaped when they reached the zone.

    Jason Fox
    Cata--can you clarify whether this is a "regular" gate or a leeward gate

    Jason, it's a leeward gate......a 29er regatta club
    Today 21:56
  • Under the SIs in effect at the time none of the channel buoys were marks and none had a specified side. It was generally understood by the RC and the racers that they were to pass all of the channel buoys to port and come down the inbound side of the channel but this was not in writing in the SIs. The only instruction was that the line was an obstruction and boats were not to cross it.

    There was also no prescribed penalty for crossing the obstruction line.
    Mon 17:27
  • AC Official Notice Board:

    Looks like they are still being written and are yet to be posted.
    Sun 13:56
  • Mark,

    That SI does not 'solve' the problem I identified, which was that DSQ may be disproportionate to a breach of the rule.

    It also makes the Race Committee a tribunal of fact as to an event which they may not have observed.
    Sat 21:56
  • Why cancelled and not postponed till it can be completed.  Finished a spring frostbite series and Championship last weekend that got put off because of COVID
    Sat 18:32
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