is a resource for competitors, judges and race officials that cross-references and links the racing rules, definitions, cases, calls and MNA prescriptions and appeals. The goal is to provide all the information available in one place to help with the analysis of the racing rules of sailing. also provides a regatta management system that is intended to move away from paper based systems. This application provides electronic tools for the competitors and the officials. There are registration services, hearing schedule, automated protest decisions, RRS 42 penalties, and more, for the protest committee; scoring inquiries, crew substitutions and starting penalties for the race committee; equipment substitutions for the technical committee; and there are electronic protest, scoring inquiries, penalty reports, and crew and equipment subsitution forms available on any device for the competitors.

More importantly, this application provides the tools to communicate with competitors and all officials. Every action by an official is communicated via email and text message in real time to the relevent officials and competitors. The purpose of the application is not just to provide a virtual notice board, but to provide a more efficient workflow, which provides the competitors with a better regatta.

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