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Kieler Woche - Day 4 of Judge's University

Paul Zupan
Nationality: United States of America
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On day four of Kieler Woche, the final day of the first half of the regatta, Lance Burger, RSA, IJ, discussed Regulation 32. Lance was chairman of the panel that heard a report and issued their findings and decision in a recent investigation. I found that decision to be quite educational.

Regulation 32 defines the procedure for when World Sailing receives a report alleging inadequate conduct or competence of a World Sailing Race Official. Lance emphasized that he believes the purpose of Regulation 32 is to provide accountability, not necessarily to punish officials. The procedure for handling a report is broken into three categories in the regulation which relate to the perceived severity of the offense. The procedure for each category is laid out in the regulation. But the criteria for proceeding on the report is either a inadequate performance or inadequate competence of the official.

Lance invited participation from the other members of the jury and discussed the issues of the severity of punishment and whether or not to publish the decision, should a report be found to have merit.
Created: 18-Jun-19 07:41


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