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Kieler Woche - Final Days of Judge's University

Paul Zupan
Nationality: United States of America
  • National Umpire
  • International Judge
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The last few days of Kieler Woche were busy for the judges, but several presentations were given:

Mathias Rebholz, GER, IJ/NU - reviewed the most recent Q&As 2017.004, 2017.005, 2018.002 and 2018.003.

Paul Zupan,, USA, IJ/RU - discussed two issues highlighted in the RRS forums - 18.2(b) a the finish and Redress prior to racing.

Thorsten Doebbler, IJ/IU - reviewed Addendum Q and what to expect in the Medal Round at Kiel.

The jury also reviewed the rules and relevant issues for Support Persons, specifically as they were being applied at Kieler Woche. Several hearings had been held in the prior days involving support persons and at least one competitor was penalized in a Support Person incident. Generally the issue seemed to be that various classes have been treated differently at various events and were continuing to act based on those expectations. However, because Kieler Woche involves so many different classes of boats, and so many different judges with experience at major events for all these classes, the jury had made every effort to apply the rules uniformly to all classes. There was very little issue with the Olympic classes as the Support Persons seemed to comply with the RRS and SI's. However, Support Persons for other classes were ignoring RRS 41 and or the limitations imposed by the SI's, because they suggested they always do that in their class. But it was also clear many coaches felt the behavior of some of the Support Persons was improper as they had complained to the race committee and jury. In the end, the Kieler Woche jury tried to apply the rules uniformly across all classes and perhaps raise the standard of behavior in the more unruly classes. And perhaps other judges reading the decisions from Kieler Woche have a better understanding of at least how the rules were applied at this event.
Created: 18-Jun-21 07:38


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