Section C
Section C is appropriate for a TSS where the race committee chooses to allow boats to use the TSS while racing. The wording below, including the 100-degree threshold, has been
used by the Volvo Ocean Race in past races and enables boats to use the TSS in nearly any wind direction. This change requires the agreement of the local maritime authorities.

Suggested wording for the notice of race:

      Appendix TS, Version ___, Section C applies to the following TSS ______________.
Insert the name of the TSS.
TS3. Rule 48.2 is changed to:
(a) A Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS) shall be understood to mean an area shown on a nautical chart, or in the notice of race, as a TSS.

(b) While a boat is in a TSS traffic lane, she shall sail a course that is within 100 degrees of the direction of travel of the lane.

(c) A boat shall not impede, or present a threat of impeding, the safe passage of a power-driven vessel in a TSS traffic lane.

(d) If an official complaint/action is lodged against a boat by a commercial, government, or naval power-driven vessel, by a pilot, by vessel traffic service (VTS), or by other local government authority, it shall be presumed that the boat has broken rule 48.2.

(e) The race committee will cooperate with and provide relevant information to VTS and other governmental authorities regarding investigations of boats impeding a power-driven vessel.

Application and background:
This approach allows rigorous interpretation by boats and protest committees but may only be used with the agreement of local maritime authorities.
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