See rule 43. This appendix shall not be changed by sailing instructions or prescriptions of national authorities.
Items of clothing and equipment to be weighed shall be arranged on a rack. After being saturated in water the items shall be allowed to drain freely for one minute before being weighed. The rack must allow the items to hang as they would hang from clothes hangers, so as to allow the water to drain freely. Pockets that have drain-holes that cannot be closed shall be empty, but pockets or items that can hold water shall be full.
When the weight recorded exceeds the amount permitted, the competitor may rearrange the items on the rack and the equipment inspector or measurer shall again soak and weigh them. This procedure may be repeated a second time if the weight still exceeds the amount permitted.
A competitor wearing a dry suit may choose an alternative means of weighing the items.
  1. The dry suit and items of clothing and equipment that are worn outside the dry suit shall be weighed as described above.
  2. Clothing worn underneath the dry suit shall be weighed as worn while racing, without draining.
  3. The two weights shall be added together.
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